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Theta Chi Beta Sigma Spring 2012 New Members
The Theta Chi Beta Sigma brotherhood is proud to announce that we have received 17 new members from the spring 2012 recruitment! Here they are pictured as a class. Included is short information about themselves.

*Back Row, from Left to Right*
Ben Mattern
Hometown: Charlottesville, VA
Interests: Playing chinese checkers with his grandmother every Saturday, Ice Road Truckers, and painting portraits

Teddy Bogdanski III
Hometown: Madison, NJ
Interests: Bowling, plant photosynthesis, and dentistry

Matt Valenti
Hometown: Havertown, PA
Interests: Construction, collecting rare birds, and CSI Miami

Brian Wohlhieter
Hometown: Watertown, CT
Interests: Germany post-World War II studies, Call of Duty, and body building

Tyler Lewski
Hometown: Colts Neck, NJ
Interests: Surfing, Aphrodite the greek goddess of love and beauty, and traveling the globe

Mark Fromson
Hometown: Glastonbury, CT
Interests: Ancient castles, respecting elders, and fresh salads with seasoned croutons

Jack Russell
Hometown: Oreland, PA
Interests: Helping stray cats, bagels and cream cheese, and becoming an entrepreneur

*Front Row, from Left to Right*
Matt D'Apuzzo
Hometown: Scotch Plains, NJ
Interests: The rise and fall of the Roman Empire, river rafting, and mathematics tutoring

Eric Leyden
Hometown: Scotch Plains, NJ
Interests: The Super Mario Brothers, the Harry Potter books, and heavy metal music

Chris Parsons
Hometown: Garret Valley, PA
Interests: Shotguns, rocking chairs on a long veranda, and volunteering at the local Boys and Girls club

Tyler Landle
Hometown: Stamford, CT
Interests: UFC Mixed Martial Arts, the gold rush of the 19th and 20th centuries, and collecting rare coins

Colin Morris
Hometown: Fort Washington, PA
Interests: Raking, the Chinese zodiac, and the hunter gather society\\\'s of the pre-Neolithic Revolution

Hollis Wang
Hometown: Scotch Plains, NJ
Interests: Bike rides on the beach, turbine power, and cognitive science studies

Damir Borovac
Hometown: Mostar, Bosnia
Interests: Tank warfare, laundry, and sharpening knives and swords

(Not Pictured due to illness)
Michael Wheaton
Hometown: Middletown, NJ
Interests: Pottery, the Archie comic book series, and cirque du soleil

Chris Parsons
Hometown: Garret Valley, PA
Interests: Cardiovascular diseases, orca whales, and hopes to one day own a tattoo parlor

Greg Jacobs
Hometown: Atkinson, NH
Interests: Little River Band, oyster shucking, and Indian cuisine
Adopt-A-Family 2011
The adopt-a-family program is a program that runs during the holiday season. A family that normally is unable to buy Christmas gifts gets selected, and then we get to go out and "bring them Christmas." For the 2011 Christmas Theta Chi's family was the Depaz family, which included 2 boys age 4 and 6, a girl age 12, and a 2 month old baby. The brotherhood unanimously agreed that this was one of our best philanthropy events. The Depaz family was so thankful for all the gifts we were able to provide, and it was a very moving event.
Theta Chi at Spooktacular
For Halloween, Theta Chi volunteered at the event Spooktacular, where less fortunate kids from the South Bethlehem area get to trick-or-treat and receive candy.
Theta Chi Resume Workshop
September 21, 2012 Nick Hardwell from Lehigh's career services department came to Theta Chi to conduct a resume workshop. Here the brothers are gathered in the chapter room, going over tips and advice for creating a successful resume.
Beta Sigma Talks About Mentoring New Members and the Importance of Leadership
The brothers of Beta Sigma were visited by OFSA today to help pioneer a new and innovative training program/discussion that focused on the importance of the role brothers play not only during new member education, but also the roles they play in relation to each other over the course of the year. We discussed how vital our knowledge of and experiences with living in the Chapter and new member education are, and how we can help the new members adjust to these things. In addition to this, the brothers were broken up into groups by graduation year and told to list and discuss each classes individual responsibilities during the new member process and in everyday life in the Chapter. The program turned out to be a huge success, with the second part of it, a discussion amongst only brothers, coming later in the week.
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